Most Common Diagnoses from May 01, 2006 to Jul 22, 2024

out of 419469 cases

ICD Diagnosis Cases
Q23.4 Hypoplastic left heart syndrome 13
Q07.0 Arnold-Chiari syndrome 13
Q04.8 Other specified congenital malformations of brain 13
P90 Convulsions of newborn 13
P58.8 Neonatal jaundice due to other specified excessive haemolysis 13
P01.5 Fetus and newborn affected by multiple pregnancy 13
P01 Fetus and newborn affected by maternal complications of pregnancy 13
N39.0 Urinary tract infection, site not specified 13
B37.7 Candidal septicaemia 13
Q39.1 Atresia of oesophagus with tracheo-oesophageal fistula 12
P70.3 Iatrogenic neonatal hypoglycaemia 12
P59.1 Inspissated bile syndrome 12
P50.9 Fetal blood loss, unspecified 12
P26.9 Unspecified pulmonary haemorrhage originating in the perinatal period 12
P02.1 Fetus and newborn affected by other forms of placental separation and haemorrhage 12
I61.5 Intracerebral haemorrhage, intraventricular 12
B96.1 Klebsiella pneumoniae [K. pneumoniae] as the cause of diseases classified to other chapters 12
Q91.7 Patau's syndrome, unspecified 11
Q90.2 Trisomy 21, translocation 11
Q84.8 Other specified congenital malformations of integument 11
Q21 Congenital malformations of cardiac septa 11
P74.1 Dehydration of newborn 11
P74.0 Late metabolic acidosis of newborn 11
P61.2 Anaemia of prematurity 11
P39.9 Infection specific to the perinatal period, unspecified 11
J96 Respiratory failure, not elsewhere classified 11
J93.0 Spontaneous tension pneumothorax 11
E80.6 Other disorders of bilirubin metabolism 11
A41.8 Other specified septicaemia 11
Q82.8 Other specified congenital malformations of skin 10
Q76.0 Spina bifida occulta 10
Q60.6 Potter's syndrome 10
Q54 Hypospadias 10
Q31.5 Congenital laryngomalacia 10
Q22.0 Pulmonary valve atresia 10
Q04.0 Congenital malformations of corpus callosum 10
P76.9 Intestinal obstruction of newborn, unspecified 10
P53 Haemorrhagic disease of fetus and newborn 10
P23.0 Congenital pneumonia due to viral agent 10
P15.9 Birth injury, unspecified 10
P12.2 Epicranial subaponeurotic haemorrhage due to birth injury 10
N47 Redundant prepuce, phimosis and paraphimosis 10
J80 Adult respiratory distress syndrome 10
D56.3 Thalassaemia trait 10
Q91 Edwards' syndrome and Patau's syndrome 9
Q89.3 Situs inversus 9
Q87.2 Congenital malformation syndromes predominantly involving limbs 9
Q22.5 Ebstein's anomaly 9
P52.0 Intraventricular (nontraumatic) haemorrhage, grade 1, of fetus and newborn 9
P35.8 Other congenital viral diseases 9